• Black and gold ring in open pebble
  • Black and gold ring in open pebble design
  • Black and gold ring in open pebble design

Black and Gold Ring in Open Pebbles


Raw Fine Feminine – Black and gold ring


Delicious Mixed Metal Jewelry

a hint of sparkle - Designer handmade jewelry

A sterling silver, unique ring, with gold focal points. Or should I call it a black and gold ring, well almost black – more of a rich dark gray. The silver has a dense patina which has turned this piece from a silver and gold, to a black and gold ring – and it’s subtle matte finish is understated while it’s size is confident. 

One word to describe this ring – confident. It is bold while at the same time, it’s square wires are almost delicate.  A lovely combination of a statement ring and an easy to wear piece, It is fairly wide in the front, but I have tapered the back so that it isn’t too bulky when closing your hand. 

All of the rings in the square collection are finger shaped, or squared on the inside, for feel and it helps to keep the front of the ring in place. 

  • Black and gold ring 
  • Sterling silver and 14k gold
  • Oxidized silver open pattern with three 14k yellow gold open squares in front
  • Widest point 13mm or about 1/2 inch
  • Most narrow part (palm facing) approximately 5mm or 1/4 inch
  • Band is made from 1mm strips
  • Recycled metals
  • Eco friendly metals are smelted in the USA
  • Handmade

Size 7 is ready to ship.   For other sizes, please allow 14 days for your ring to be made your you. 

This ring come beautifully packaged, ready for giving to yourself or another.  The recipient will receive a piece of designer handmade jewelry, crafted just for them. I make each piece on at a time at the jewelers bench, using hand tools. 

An alternative to a wide silver band ring, this sterling ring is truly unique. Mixed metal jewelry is wonderful in that it goes with everything in your closet and can be paired easily with other jewelry. 

Pairs nicely with the raw diamond cube earrings in this collection Click here and the gold and silver hoops Click here

Oxidized rings

Oxidized silver and 14k gold is a mainstay in my collections. I love the contrast of the darkened silver against the yellow gold. It provides a sleek minimalist feel with just a hint of flash. Please know that patina is not a coating. It is an oxidizing process which is done to the metal. After the metal is oxidized, it is protected with an eco friendly wax, which is made specifically for metal protection. Over time, all patina changes and becomes unique to the wearer. Patina can be removed with harsh chemicals. This piece is meant for every day wear. Please remove it when cleaning, swimming, bathing, or whenever it may come in to contact with harsh elements.

Eco Friendly Metals

All of the metals used are recycled and smelted in the USA. This prevents additional mining, which can be quite dangerous for the planet. While many companies have pledged to use clean mines, there are still many ‘dirty mining’ processes. For example cyanide used to extract the gold leaches in to the ground water, and can kill living things down stream. I use the most reputable dealers possible, which can be more costly, but is better in the long run and for peace of mind.. If you want to learn more, here is an interesting article Smithsonian Magazine

Thank You

I stand behind my work. If any piece requires repair due to normal use, please contact me. Thank you for supporting my small business.

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Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in
Ring size

10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5


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