Black and Gold Teardrop Earrings


Unique silver and gold earrings, oxidized

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Teardrop earrings black and gold

black and gold dangle earrings

Handmade earrings in black and gold.

These are a versatile dangle earring, just the right size for everyday to elegant.  Hand textured blackened  silver  forms a teardrop which hangs down from a blackened silver circle. The teardrop moves on teensy tiny hinges. A 14k delicate chain suspends a circle of gold. This circle has tiny little hammered circles which catch the light.  Posts are 14k, for sensitive ears.  One really nice aspect is their lightness for the width of the earring. They are comfortable to wear and don’t weigh down the earlobe like many larger earrings do. 

  • Dangle earrings in black and gold
  • Solid sterling silver and 14k gold
  • 14k gold posts
  • Length 2 inches, 1 1/8 inch wide at widest point
  • Recycled, eco-friendly metals
  • Oxidized finish 
  • Handmade

How to choose earrings for your face shape

Earrings which hang down to the jaw line often flatter heart shaped, diamond shaped, and oval shaped faces. A designer with fabulous videos on fashion is Justine Leconte, and her video on how to choose earrings for you face shape can be seen here: 

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Why recycled metal?

All of the metals used are recycled and smelted in the USA. This prevents additional mining, which can be quite dangerous for the planet. While many companies have pledged to use clean mines, there are still many ‘dirty mining’ processes. For example cyanide used to extract the gold leaches in to the ground water, and can kill living things down stream. I use the most reputable dealers possible, which can be more costly, but is better in the long run and for peace of mind. If you are interested in learning more about gold mining, here is an article from the Smithsonian Magazine: The Environmental Disaster That is the  Gold Industry

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Thank you for shopping here. I hope that you found a piece of fine artisan handmade jewelry that you adore. I  do my best to use ethically sourced materials. Each piece is made one at a time at the bench, by hand so that you can have a truly unique piece. 

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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