You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped DeWynn Jewelry become a reality. 

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We are thrilled that everyone who buys our jewelry, knows they are getting an authentic artisan piece worthy of the most deserving woman.

–  Dominique Wynn

Before I created DeWynn Jewelry, I loved shiny manufactured baubles.

Then one day I met jeweler Chris Nelson. He showed me his hand crafted, artisan, made-at-the-bench jewelry. It had personality. Every piece had incredible contrast and hand hammered shapes. The stones were unusual colors and rough, placed in iron and decorated with gold. STUNNING. I was hooked.

Lucky me. He took me under his wing. While our two bully dogs played, he passed on his techniques.

I was concerned that people might only want shiny manufactured jewelry.

But then…

I learned that some people are actually searching for special and unique pieces. Things no one else will have. Raw, rustic gifts with an earthy edgy vibe. And gifts that say, here is something from the heart, you mean something to me.

I decided I set out to create exclusive, unique jewelry using ethically sourced stones and recycled metal for the most elegant and intelligent women.

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

As a single mom of a toddler, time and money were stretched to the max. I worked as quietly as possible making jewelry after my son fell asleep at night. After work was done, 40-60% of the revenue is paid to the store owner.

Knowing that if I were in this position, other artists must have been too. So I searched for others who did beautiful work and put together a fair paying artists coop. 

The day we opened, my mentor and father figure passed away.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been heartwarming. The online store featuring DeWynn jewelry is the next step, and I hope you enjoy.

Why We Use Recycled Metals?

And why you can feel good about your purchases

  • To produce enough raw gold to produce one ring, 20 tons of earth are mined.    
  • Mercury, arscenic and cyanide used to extract the precious gold. These chemicals remain in the waste and travel in to drinking water and further
  • Mining erosion affects ecosystems far downstream, killing reefs and sea life.
  • Gold mining releases sulfuric acid in to drainge systems.
  • Hundreds of tons of mercury are released in to the air each year. 
  • Children are used in the gold mines in many places 

This is why the precious metals in DeWynn jewelry are recycled.

Our gems are ethically sourced.

You can feel good about looking fabulous.